Dragon Ball Super TCG Unboxing and Deck Build: World Martial Arts Tournament Part 2

In the finally of this two part series I show off the 51 card deck made exclusively from the cards unboxed in Part 1

Deck Profile:
Leader: Announcer/ Announcer, Referee Veteran
2 Destined Conclusion Piccolo Jr
1 Destined Conclusion Hero
2 World Tournament Arena
1 Test of Strength Son Goku
2 Test of Strength Uub
4 Honed Moves Yamcha
3 Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai
4 Announcer, Play-By-Play Pro
4 Announcer, Ever-Curious
4 Awkward Situation Trunks
4 Awkward Situation Otokosuki
4 Trading Blows Son Goku
4 Martial Daughter Chi-Chi
4 Dark Duo Dabura
4 Heroic Duo Videl
1 Trusting Relationship Popo
2 trusting Relationship Kami

Dragon Ball Super TCG Unboxing and Deck Build: World Martial Arts Tournament Part 1

Done for my TVRA 100 class.

In my first of a two-part series, I will be unboxing a booster box of Dragon Ball Super trading cards from the World Martial Arts Tournament set. In the coming days, I will release part two of this series where I will be performing a deck profile on a 50 card deck constructed entirely from cards opened during this unboxing. I’m sorry but I wanted more time to playtest the deck before finalization.


Review: Hershey’s Drops Cookies ‘N’ Cream

811uP3XP8ZLNow I really have no intention of turning this little blog into a review site, but the need to complete an assignment with a substantial blog post has intersected with my recent exposure to a confectionary so vile I feel obligated to warn readers of its atrociousness.

The product in question is Hershey’s Drops Cookies ‘N’ Cream.

Well, I suppose it would be best to start this review with the packaging of the product, as it is the first thing noticed by potential customers. And honestly, I believe this packaging is awful, finding itself in the no man’s land or impulse buy and party snack. Hershey’s Drops are exclusively packaged in one of those oversized resealable containers that are too large to be picked up as an impulse buy with your groceries but the small net weight of 8 oz is not large enough to be a snack for any decently sized get-together. Especially at the price of $4.60. Now if these Hershey’s Drops were packaged like either a front counter or party-sized bag of M&M’s then there would be a much larger market for them, but now that’s simply not the case.

And this lack of market for mid-sized candy might have been what led customers to not give Hershey’s Drops a chance leading to me finding it in the clearance aisle. Well, that or its unappetizing appearance and terrible taste.


When I first opened up the resealable top of one of these oversized bags the first thing that hit me was the strange shape and texture of the candies. Each individual candy is an oval containing the white chocolate with cookie bits that make up a traditional bar of Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Cream. But unlike other similar products on its outmost layer, where one might expect to find a thin hard candy shell that would protect the eater from smearing their fingers with chocolate, you instead find one of the strangest things I have ever seen on a piece of candy before. A thin translucent membrane that utterly fails to protect the eater from smears while also failing to protect the candy from melting when exposed to heat.



And on top of that, the candy tastes like absolute garbage. Now Hershey’s chocolate has never been good by any means; it has always had a waxy texture and it has always had an unpleasant sweet acidy taste caused by a chemical that increases the products shelf-life, butyric acid, but now with the inclusion of the slimy coating the candy is absolutely incredible. I sincerely hope that whatever executive that gave this product the go-ahead was fired or sectioned.



Overall Hershey’s Drops Cookies ‘N’ Cream is an overpriced, vile tasting and disgusting candy that isn’t even worth trying even if you come across a bowl full at a party, much less if you had to spend money on it. The highest I would ever consider rating this product is a pitiful 1/10, and that’s only because it didn’t physically make me ill.